China still provides great growth opportunities for brands entering the market, but end customers are increasingly sophisticated and demanding. It has become essential to provide experiences to create authentic customer value. To offer a valid experience to the widest number of customers, we need to know their tastes, purchase habits and create as targeted campaigns as possible. Who can tell you better than you client what he loves about you and what he hates instead? It is at this point that WeChat CRM comes into the game.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a system that manages the interactions between a company and its current or potential customers. It connects customer information from various sources to increase loyalty and ultimately drive sales.

There are many types of CRM, each with its specific purpose. We will focus only on what is called social CRM.

Social CRM (also known as “SCRM”) is the integration of social media with CRM platforms. The idea is that companies build a more direct and personal relationship with customers, following them on social media and interacting with them accordingly.

The value of a direct and deeper interaction with customers is evident. The purpose of social CRM is to engage customers, which means a more personal marketing approach and faster customer support.

So what is WeChat CRM?

WeChat has over 20 million official accounts and to take full advantage of this growth, many tools provided by third parties have come into play, offering way to optimize the platform and its performance. One of these tools is known as WeChat CRM.

WeChat CRMs are part of the Social CRM group, it is a combination of services and technology with the aim of allowing companies to understand and optimize the customer journey. Brands that can use these tools effectively can retain customers and increase conversions while improving the overall user experience.

Without a CRM system, data collection on WeChat is rather complicated and above all limited:

• Reporting and analysis of very limited data;

• It is not easy to send targeted messages to segmented groups;

• It is not possible to plan promotional campaigns based on a specific need.

This is why you should use a third party CRM or create your own.

Let’s see what the super powers of WeChat CRM are

1. It allows you to collect valuable data: what is published by users, the banners on which users have clicked, the payment scenarios and the monitoring of QR codes.

2. Allows you to send targeted messages based on user interests.

3. Allows instant customer support. With WeChat integrated into your CRM, you will be able to know when users talk about your brand and therefore quickly respond to their comments on WeChat.

4. Allows quick and immediate access to data.

5. Simplify the creation of promotional campaigns. You can identify the purchasing habits of your customers and based on this customize the sales campaigns. You can also use segmentation and labels to push customers to re-order a certain product, based on past purchases.

How can WeChat CRM be useful for your company?

Thanks to WeChat CRM, brands can get a complete view of their audience, provide highly targeted content and offer excellent customer support. It is a perfect fusion of data that feeds your marketing strategy and provides results that have proven effective in increasing the overall user engagement rate, up to sales.

Discover the path of your customers

Mapping the customer journey tells us the complete user story and should be the focus of the CRM process. It can be difficult to try to figure out where to start when marketing on WeChat, which is why understanding the details of WeChat CRM should be a priority for WeChat marketing. It is a system that allows companies to increase sales and create unique customer relationships, while providing a detailed map of how to market your products and services.

The power of segmentation

Your WeChat audience visits your account for several reasons and to meet specific needs. A very powerful tool to drive sales would therefore be to segment your target audience and based on specific variables.

At a basic level, WeChat CRM can segment followers by gender, age, position and interactions. In addition, WeChat CRM also offers insights on how users get in touch with your account (was it the advice of a friend, scanning a QR code on a product or attending an event?).

In this way it is possible to build specific campaigns, aimed at the sale of a specific product / service to a specific audience.

How can you use WeChat CRM?

As we have explained, there are already third parties operating CRM services on WeChat, here are some examples:

  • Parallay
  • Youzan
  • Drip
  • Weimob
  • Jing Social

It is also possible to build mini-programs that allow greater personalization and integration of your WeChat Account and CRM services

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