WeChat has evolved from instant messaging app to service that meets the digital needs of more than 1.26 billion monthly active users in the third quarter of 2021. Every day, more than 120 million active users post on their message boards (called Moments ), 360 million users read Official Account articles and 400 million users access Mini Programs.

Let’s see the achievements of the Chinese communication giant in 2022:

WeChat miniprogram

In January 2022, the daily active users on Miniprogram millions reached 450 according to official WeChat data. The volume of tourism, retail and tourism transactions increased by 100% over the previous year.
Specifically, the number of mini-programs used per user increased by 25%, the average value of operations per user grew by 67%, the number of programs with operations increased by 68%, and the annual volume of operations more than doubled. compared to 2020.
The number of active miniprograms increased by 41% and average daily usage times increased by 32% compared to the same period in 2021.

WeChat games

Games on Wechat have been equally popular, and in 2020 minigame achievement increased by 20%.
Compared to 2019, game duration per capita increased by 50% and the average number of games increased by 20% in 2020.
These games can be used by companies for organizing livestreams and selling products. Revenues from live streaming of Chinese games are expected to double by 2022.

WeChat search engine

In January 222, according to WeChat data, it reached the number of users that reached the search number on WeChat of 700 million.
WeChat research staff said that in the near future the search will not be limited to the information entered in the search bar, users will be able to search for information while chatting by tapping on the text. This will make WeChat one of the most mobile friendly and consumer-oriented search tools available in China.

WeChat pays

China’s online payment penetration rate reached 86% in 2021.
In January 2022, WeChat also shared data on WeChat Pay, stating that they are involved:

• 23 thousand monthly service providers
• Over 10 million merchants
• More than 1800 banks and payment institutions

Over the three years, WeChat Pay will continue to digitally upgrade WeStore, with a planned investment of over 10 billion yuan.
The new payment systems on WeChat pay are based on the “buy first and pay later” principle, very useful in the case of acquired e-commerce, and which facilitate the return processes.

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