Founded by Giulia Callarelli, Utopia is a Digital Agency focused exclusively on the Chinese market. Our aim is to allow Made in Italy brands to connect with their customers in China through digital channels.

The world of digital marketing in China is fast, ever-expanding and often unknown. What we do is make it clear to our customers how the Chinese digital ecosystem works, what options are available and which are the best strategies to achieve their goals.

Our agency has a deep knowledge of Italian and Chinese culture simply because our team members are based in both Italy and China and come from both these cultures. This is why we are able to translate the corporate values ​​of our customers effectively and without distorting their brand image. Moreover, in order to give our customers the best marketing tools, we’re always up to date with the latest digital trends in China.

A good digital marketing strategy can make a difference and significantly increase your sales.
At Utopia we specialize in smart, simple, affordable and practical marketing solutions that focus on the nature of our individual customers.
Assuming that there is no standard strategy to ensure the success of a brand, we work closely with our clients to determine the best path, from research, to strategy, to running promotional campaigns and follow-up.

What we do concretely:

We always meet our customers to understand and embrace the company philosophy and value proposition;
We develop a clear and transparent strategy, with measurable and realistic goals;
We carry out marketing campaigns and the relative follow-up;
We regularly send feedback and reports.

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