Utopia is a digital marketing agency focused exclusively on the Chinese market.
Our goal is to help Italian companies to succeed in China through digital solutions.
We believe that it is not necessary to be a huge and established brand to be successful in China: with the right digital strategy, small and medium-sized companies can compete and outperform larger companies.

Utopia is based in Italy and with an operating group in Shanghai.
Our team in China is constantly updated on the latest marketing trends to keep up with China’s lightning-fast digital ecosystem and deliver effective services.
The “double soul” of the Utopia team allows us to perfectly understand the needs and standards of Italian customers and transfer them in an incisive way to the Chinese market.


“The best way to predict future is to create it”

Understanding the Chinese digital ecosystem is not fast not easy.
Discover the news, case studies and technologies that develop and evolve in the Chinese market and keep up to date on the latest trends.
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What is Little Red Book (RED) and how to use to promote your brand

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