The prohibitive cost of normal marketing channels in China has led most companies to work extensively with so-called KOLs, Key Opinion Leaders (bloggers or online influencers). But often the impact of working with KOLs is almost negligent. Either because they don’t really have the coverage you need or claim, or because the campaign isn’t structured for long-term impact. We have learned our lessons the hard way and are proud that today we ensure that our customers get real impact from their KOL partners.

How to work with KOLs?

The best platforms to work with KOLs are Social media, such as WeChat, RED and DouYin. On these platforms, KOLs are increasingly using live streams to promote products and brands. Live streams, in fact, make it easier to show and describe products and increase the sense of consumer engagement and loyalty. This is why KOLs are such a powerful tool.

Key Opinion Leader Vs Key Opinion Consumers

KOL marketing has been a powerful marketing tool in China for several years, but recently a shift from KOL marketing to KOC marketing has been noticed. Consumer opinion in marketing has become increasingly relevant, leaving more and more space for KOCs. Why? They are more reliable. They are mere consumers who express their opinions and in a market like China where recommendations and reputation are everything.

What we do for you:

– Selection of relevant influencers
– Effective promotion strategy
– Negotiation and formal agreements with the infleuncers
– Conveying corporate content and values
– Creating an impactful storytelling
– Execution of campaigns and follow-up
– Interaction with the public

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