With over 900 million online users, China is the largest digital market in the world. The potential to tap into such a large audience through social media marketing is attractive but not that simple to reach.
The first difficulty is that most Western websites and social media are censored in China. In an effort to minimize influence and negative news from other countries, China has completely blocked public access to some 3,000 websites, including social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat. In place of these platforms, Chinese entrepreneurs have created a full suite of social media platforms designed exclusively for the Chinese audience.

These platforms can be difficult to crack due to the unfamiliarity with them, the language barrier and the rules governing online content in China. For this reason, most Western promotional campaigns do not have visibility or effectiveness in China.

Utopia helps Italian companies to open official companies accounts on the main social media platforms in China, guiding its customers in creating a targeted and effective communication campaign.



While alone is not enough, opening an official WeChat account should be the basis of your marketing strategy in China. WeChat accounts behave like real websites where you can enter company information as a reference for your customers. In order for a WeChat account to be truly effective, it is necessary to publish interesting and captivating content for followers with a certain frequency. Unlike other social media that are open and visible to everyone, WeChat’s content is only accessible to your followers. This “private” nature makes follower acquisition crucial for this social media.

What we do for you:

  • Opening of the Official WeChat account (Local and Overseas)
  • Platform configuration and design
  • Editorial plan and content creation
  • Account promotion
  • WeChat Mini Program
  • WeChat Store


In Chinese “XiaoHongShu” is an e-commerce application specializing in international luxury goods, mainly fashion and beauty, created in 2013 by Miranda Qu and Charlwin Mao.
Born as a sharing platform for people who want to share opinions on their travel and shopping experiences abroad, XiaoHongShu (RED) is today one of the most promising social commerce in China, with over 100 million users and a value of 3 billion dollars. Based on a post and rating system, the app has expanded its community and now includes content on fashion, cosmetics, travel, food & beverage, training, movies and other entertainment sectors.

What do we do for you:

  • Official RED account opening
  • Evaluation of the best e-commerce strategy
  • Selection of KOL and KOC
  • Running promotional campaigns


It is the #1 short video app in China and the Chinese version of the international phenomenon TikTok. Douyin is one of the most intriguing digital marketing channels for brands. At the same time, it can be extremely complicated and challenging for international marketers to advertise on Douyin. Utopia helps your business reach a large audience on Douyin through video ad campaigns and achieve your marketing goals in China.

What do we do for you:

  • Douyin account opening
  • Video Content Creation
  • Marketing strategy
  • Adv and Influencer marketing
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